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Ammunition Cans / Surplus Containers
Battle Dress Uniforms BDUs, Fatigues, Cargo Pants, and Shorts
Belts & Accessories
Books and Manuals
Camping, Tents, Camp Tools, Bedding & Outdoor Products
Coats, Jackets, Parkas, Flight Jackets & Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Outfits
Duffle Bags, Back Packs, Day Packs, Shoulder Bags, Carry Bags
Flags, Cases & Burial Markers
Footwear, Socks and Accessories
Ghillie Suits, Camouflage Makeup, Camouflage Netting & Camouflage System Accessories
Gloves, Mittens, Scarves and Hand Warmers
Hats and Headwear
Just for Kids (Boys & Girls)
Just for Women
Knives, Bayonets, Machetes & Slingshots
License Plates and License Plate frames
Military Novelties
Model Airplanes
Mugs, Steins, Flasks, Shot Glasses
Navigation Products: Compasses
Optical Products, Night Vision, Binoculars, Sunglasses, Goggles
Patches, Pins, Insignia, Medals & Uniform Accoutrements
Patriotic Tee's & Hats
Police, Security and Emergency Services Items
POW/MIA Bracelets
Rain & Foul Weather Clothing
Rings and Jewelry
Stickers, Decals and Magnets
Sweatshirts, Sweatpants & Sweaters
Tactical Equipment, LBE, Harnesses, Vests
T-Shirts, Polo Shirts & Tank Tops
Wall Plaques
Thermal Underwear and Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Undergarments
Zippo Lighters
First Aid, Survival & Emergency Preparedness Items
Wallets & Identification Holders
Just for Baby
US Air Force Links
Information on US Air Force Links.
United States Marine Corps
Headquarters, United States Marine Corps
U.S. Navy's Recruiting Site
Let the journey begin! These web pages will give you all the information you need if you want to join the Navy. From high school grads to professionals, here's where you start! Good Luck! Both Larry & Bert were Navy. Larry was a naval aviator, flying ASW during the Cold War, and did a year on staff duty in the Persian Gulf, and Bert was in the Middle East during the Cold War, and served a year on PBR's in Vietnam. Keep the faith. Larry & Bert
U. S. Navy Seals
U. S. NAVY SEALS: The U.S. Navy's Elite Story. Want to be a SEAL? Look here! Regards, Larry & Bert
Naval Aviation Museum
A fantastic web site of the outstanding Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida. Have fun! Larry & Bert
The official web site of the U.S. Navy.
Have a question? About carriers? Submarines? Surface Ships? Most of your answers should be here.
U.S. Navy research
Need to find a commissioned or de-commissioned ship? Need to find a hull number or type of ship? Here are most of your answers.
The New England Air Museum
several links to: Air Victory Museum; Warbird Air Museum; National Air & Space Museum; National Museum of Naval Aviation; N.A.S.A.; U.S.A.F. Museum; and many more. Have fun! Larry & Bert
Korean War Page
Hal & Ted Barker bring you as much information as possible about the Korean War: called by some as "The Forgotten War". Please visit for an experience that will show you over 50,000 were killed in this three year war; and over 8,000 are still missing (about 2,000 still missing from Vietnam; and almost 79,000 still missing from WW II). Thanks, Larry & Bert
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Fund
This is the official page of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Fund (VVMF). It will explain & describe The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. You can look up a name on "The Wall" at§ionID=110. Thanks for visiting. Larry & Bert
U.S. Army- Be all you can be...
This is the web site for anyone interested in the United States Army. It is extremely comprehensive; and informs you how to join if you want. Good Luck! Larry & Bert (both Navy)
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
All you should know about the Coast Guard Academy. Good luck! Larry & Bert (both Navy)
U.S. Coast Guard
All you need to know about, and how to join the U.S. Coast Guard. Good luck! Larry & Bert (both Navy)
Vietnam War Internet Project
This is the most comprehensive research project on the Vietnam War we have ever seen. Remember those who fought, those who died, those who were injured, their families, and even the ones who didn't go. This war changed forever how some Americans feel about the United States of America. Look up a name on "The Wall" at┬žionID=110Where else could they express themselves with such freedom? Keep the faith, our brothers & sisters; we will never forget you. You know who you are. Larry & Bert
Best of Mystic area maps
Gary & Gloria Owens have out-mapped everyone by putting together a compilation of maps for the Mystic, Noank, Stonington, Old Mystic areas. You will find a host of attractions: shopping; dining; lodging; & tourist are planning a day or overnight trip to our lovely towns here in southeastern Connecticut. Thanks, Larry & Bert
For Aviation Enthusiasts!
An extremely comprehensive website that brings us fantastic photographs of "those daring young men in their flying machines": from the "early days", to WWII, to the present "stealth" technology airplanes. Enjoy! Larry & Bert
Battle-damaged B-17 Flying Fortresses of WWII
Dave Hanson brings us an eye-opening experience with these actual photographs from WWII of why the B-17 four engine bomber earned the nickname "The Flying Fortress". Enjoy! Larry & Bert
Naval Air War in the Pacific, WWII
Dave Hanson brings us a unique collection of naval aircraft that fought with valor, courage and determination to win the war in the Pacific. Enjoy! Larry & Bert
The WW II Black Cats- PBY's
Dave Hanson brings us a vivid visual experience as we look at the "Black Cats" of naval aviation lore. Enjoy! Larry & Bert
The Cactus Air Force, WWII
Dave Hanson gives us a gift: a photographic odyssey of USN (United States Navy)& USMC (United States Marine Corps)naval aviators, and USAAF (United States Army Air Forces) airmen & their respective ground crews who maintained & fought the air war over Guadalcanal in 1942. Enjoy! Larry & Bert
Aviation Art
Buy aviation art on line. We offer this service to you, and we make no money on this. Enjoy! Larry & Bert
US Navy Blue Angels
Learn about the US Navy's precision flying team. They are the "Best of the Best"; and their precision flying will make you feel glad they're on "our side"! Enjoy! Larry & Bert
History of Naval Aviation
The complete history of Naval Aviation; where you can browse and stay immersed for hours! Have Fun! Larry & Bert offers information about the history, customs and traditions of the United States Marine Corps. was created by a Marine to honor ALL Marines past, present, and future. Enjoy! Larry & Bert.
ROTHCO Catalog
ROTHCO is our biggest, and BEST supplier of: army navy and outdoor goods; camping equipment; men's, women's and children's camouflage clothing; knives; compasses; and much, much more. The latest 2011 catalog has MORE: military clothing; public safety; USGI (U.S. Government Issue); military-style; and accessories than anyone else! ROTHCO does not sell to the general public, so please look at this catalog and order from us! We will continue to give you our low dealer prices. Enjoy! Larry-Desert Storm and Vietnam-era Veteran) & Michelle
South Eastern Alliance
Buy Local and Shop Local!!! Mystic Army Navy Stores is proud to be a member of the South Eastern Alliance..South Eastern Alliance membership is open to any business that is majority-owned and operated by Groton, Mystic, Stonington and Westerly, Rhode Island residents whose owners live within a 50-mile radius of their business and who have independent decision making authority over how the business is operated. SEA's mission is to maintain its community's unique character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs, build economic strength, and prevent the mass displacement of community-based businesses by chains and big box stores.
Mystic Country Connecticut
The best website for Mystic! Check out our lovely town, and come visit us the next time you are in Mystic- We have two retail stores located within 1 1/2 miles of each other...
Mystic Today:Everything Downtown Mystic
Check out the live webcams for Mystic!! You must visit Mystic, Connecticut....

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